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The better, less expensive way to move,

store and dump — meeting all your moving challenges!

When it comes time to move, your first move should be to call us.
Our container-style moving system is customizable
to your schedule and your budget.

Dump trailers for hauling away debris. Dumpsters come in 3 sizes to suit your cleanup project. You fill it, we haul it away.

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The Moving Box Company uses only the highest quality personal moving and storage containers available to ensure the safety and security of the contents of your home or business

All of our personal moving and storage containers are 100% driveway safe! We go the extra mile to protect your concrete, brick or stone pavers, and our containers never come in direct contact with your driveway.

Easy loading: Our containers sit on your driveway, so there is just a short step to put your belongings in the container. There are no long ramps to haul your possessions up like a moving truck.

We do the driving: You don't need a license to drive a truck, pay for gas, mileage or anything else. All you do is load up the container and then give us a call. We'll deliver it to your new location.

Protecting your stuff: Our level load technology is designed to prevent tilting and shifting during the loading and unloading process of your move. This results in a decreased likelihood of damage.

Great for any age group: From the young to young at heart.

Save time, save stress, and save your money. Give us a call today at (727) 888-7225.

Dump Trailers and Dumpsters

Dump trailers for hauling away debris. Dumpsters come in 3 sizes to suit your cleanup project. You fill it, we haul it away. Dumpsters come in 3 sizes to suit your cleanup project. You fill it, we haul it away.

When it comes time to clean out your home, office, estate or yard give us a call for dump trailers and dumpsters

You fill it — we haul it! Our trailers and dumpsters are great for construction or remodeling, demolition, property landscaping and general cleanup projects.

Our 6 yard mini dumper is designed for small loads like a bathroom remodel and ultra heavy loads like soil, rock, brick and concrete. The 10 yard dumper is for tearing down that old shed and heavy loads like drywall flooring or roofing. Our most popular size is our 15 yard medium dumper which is good for general junk removal, removing that old fence, and perfect for your kitchen makeover. Our 20 yard super-dumper is great for bulky and lighter loads, large estate clean outs, mattresses, yard debris.

All of our dumpers are 100% driveway safe, sitting low to the ground for easy loading. Our dumper trailers are on wheels. Our dumpster-type dumpers sit on their own specially designed bumper pads. We go the extra mile to protect your concrete, brick or stone pavers, and our dumpers never come directly in contact with your driveway.

Our Pinellas County flat rate dump rentals includes 3 or 8 day rental, delivery/pickup, dump fees, and tax. Out of county, additional weight ($65/ton) and extended rental length ($15/day) charges may apply. Maximum load in all dump trailers and dump containers is 4 tons.

Large international standard shipping comtainers are excellent for on-site storage of valuable tools, products and construction materials.

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Need a secure place to store your equipment, products or supplies?

These commercial international standard shipping containers are 20' x 8' x 8' and perfect for storage of products and equipment, such as roofing, plumbing and electrical supplies, and hand and power tools. They're very sturdy and lockable to protect your valuable supplies and equipment.

Commercial grade storage

Very secure, tough and lockable

Lots of room for all your tools, equipment and supplies

Great for retail storage

Containers are wind, water and bug-proof. This is also true for our personal moving and storage units.




Supplies & Equipment

From packing paper to dollies, padlocks to moving blankets, we offer everything you need to protect what you pack—and, we deliver it right to your door. Our eco-friendly and returnable packing totes are cheaper, more durable and offer more protection than regular cardboard boxes.

Returnable Packing Totes

4-Wheel Dolly



Commercial Storage Containers

Comparisons to PODS, U-Haul & Pack-Rat Containers

The Moving Box Co.

Complete moves as low as $299

for destinations within Pinellas, Pasco & Hillsborough.


Save up to 18%

by using The Moving Box Co. for moves within Pinellas, Pasco & Hillsborough


Save up to 18%

by using The Moving Box Co. for moves within Pinellas, Pasco & Hillsborough

U-Box by U-Haul®

Save up to 297%

by using The Moving Box Co. for moves within Pinellas, Pasco & Hillsborough

The Moving Box Company gives you exactly what you need for exactly how long you need it.

Compared to U-Haul, Budget & Penske Truck Rentals

The Moving Box Co.

We bring the containter to you.
Easy to load.

We drive. No ramps.

No fuel or mileage charges. We pick up the container.

U-Haul®, Budget® and Penske® Trucks

You have to pick up at their location and drive it to your home. You pack your contents into their truck using a steep ramp or lift it into the back which can be dangerous. You then drive to your new location and unpack using the same steep ramp. When you are finally exhausted from your move, you must then return the truck to U-Haul, Budget or Penske and pay for gas and mileage.
You also need to have or buy insurance.

The Moving Box Company comes to you.
You never have to drive a truck or pay for gas and mileage.

Basic Information

Plan — don’t stress. The number one thing to keep in mind is:
We are here to help!  Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have:  (727) 888-7225.

Prior to your move:

  1. Determine what size and how many personal moving and storage containers you will need. Our standard 16-foot container will hold approximately 3 to 4 rooms of household items. Our large 20-foot container will hold roughly 4 to 5 rooms (varies house to house).
  2. Consider how long it will take you to carefully pack your home into our container and when you estimate you will be ready to move. It generally takes 3 to 4 times longer to pack as it does to unpack.
  3. Will you need boxes, tape or packing material? What additional rental items will you need? We have available an assortment of packing products for purchase and rental dollies to help you load smarter and safer not harder. Click here.
  4. Call us to answer any questions, schedule a drop off date and 2 hour time window. Consider who you have recruited to help and what their schedule is.
  5. Watch your email for our complete agreement, fill in your details and click “submit”.

On delivery day:

  • Be ready. It is best for you or someone to be home to guide our driver so your container gets placed exactly where you want it. Reserve the spot and move any vehicles.
  • Watch for our call. About an hour before we arrive we will call letting you know we are on our way.

On moving day:

  • This day is the most important. We deliver your container(s) directly to your new home and you should be prepared with someone to show our driver your reserved spot when we get there.

On retrieval day:

  • Please make sure the container is empty, broom clean and not blocked by any vehicles. All returnable rental items should be inside and all locks removed. We will be along shortly to collect it.
  • That’s it! Easy peasy!

Have a BIG move? Call us for discounted rates on additional containers:  (727) 888-7225

When you select The Moving Box Company, you are selecting your neighbors.
Being a local family-owned business, we are invested in the Tampa Bay area just like you.
We purchase from local companies whenever possible in support of our local communities.

The Moving Box Company

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